Policies & Procedures

100-1    Foundation General Policy
100-2    Establishment of New Accounts
100-3    Establishment of Quasi-Endowment Accounts
100-4    Access Policy-Foundation and Donor-Related Information
100-5    Record Retention Policy
200-1    Solicitation and Acceptance Policy
200-2    Procedure for Acceptance of Real Estate
200-3   Procedure for Acceptance of Gifts of Tangible Personal Property
200-4   Pledge Receivable
200-5    Acceptance Policy for Bequests
200-6   Non-Charitable Gifts and Pledges
300-1    Endowment Fund Investment Policy
300-2    Non-Endowed Investment Policy
300-3  Guidelines for Handling Gifts on Non-Publicly Traded Stock
300-4    Schedule of Fee Charges
300-5    Spending Policy-Endowment Fund


Discretionary Spending Policy

Financial Affairs Policies and Procedures

The WKU Foundation By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation are available for viewing.
WKU Foundation By-Laws

WKU Foundation Articles of Incorporation

The WKU Foundation 501 (c) (3) letter is available for viewing.
WKU Foundation 501 (c) (3) letter