WKU Foundation

Expense Voucher
The Expense Voucher is used for payment of an invoice to a vendor or individual. The Expense Voucher is affiliated with WKU Foundation Accounts only. Expense Vouchers $5,000 or more must be signed by either a Vice President, Dean, etc.
We require that Expense Vouchers are a minimum of $15 before they are processed.
Non-Charitable Receipts
The Non Charitable Receipts form is used for depositing money to a Foundation account only. Money that should be deposited: the sale of items, purchase of Homecoming t-shirts, sale of livestock, etc.
Inter Account
The Inter Account form is used to transfer money from one Foundation account to another Foundation account.
Advice of Cash Gift
The Advice of Cash Gift Received form is used to submit charitable donations. Do not use University account numbers.
Make sure to include contact name if check is from a company.
The Gift-in-Kind form is used for tangible items other than cash. We use this form as documentation and enter the information in our system.
The W-9 is a tax form required by the WKU Foundation for payment of services, awards and honorariums. Must include with an Expense Voucher for payment processing.
Split Payment
The Split Payment Pre-Approval form is used for pre-approval of splitting payments between the WKU Foundation and WKU.
WKU Foundation Travel
This form is used for travel only with WKU Foundation funds. Do not use this for University accounts.
Scholarship Authorization Form
The Scholarship Authorization form is used for awarding scholarships held at the WKU Foundation.